Eddie Mungai is a sci-fi enthusiast who went to school for film, but has decided to begin publishing his scripts as comics, given that practically no one will give him the money to do what he wants in the real world. He is essentially brand new to web comics, and works as a driver for Lyft. There’s a decent chance you’re here because you were one of his passengers, and this web comic came up while he was driving you.

Full disclosure, Eddie Mungai is a pseudonym, because the internet is mean, and Eddie is a coward.

He can be followed on Twitter at @Ed_Mungai and on Tumblr at eddiemungai.tumblr.com.

He’s also got a Star Trek : Deep Space Nine podcast you might wanna check out at deepspacenoob.com.

And that’s all the shameless self promotion this section has room for.