Hey, everyone, welcome to Chapter 3! Sorry my blog post is going up a bit late this month, but there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes here, and I wanted to wait until I had some news you could use.

So first, bittersweet announcement, this will be the last issue drawn by Juncath. I was of course sorry to see her go, but my tiny web comic doesn’t really pay all that well, and I don’t blame her for moving on to greener pastures. She will be taken out of the “Art by” section once my new artist starts, so one last time, these are the place you can find her…



Instagram : @juncath

Twitter : @jun_cath

Tumblr : juncath.tumblr.com

Starting next month, illustration duties will be taken over by one Elizabeth Williams Bushey, who you can find on Twitter as @looknoreally . As sad as I am to see Juncath go, I’m really looking forward to working with Elizabeth, and I’m sure we’ll be maintaining the same level of quality.

So second piece of news… who are all you people?! The comic has been up for three months now, and I’ve gotten thousands of visitors, but no one seems to have reached out to me on the social media and whatnot! Reminder, all our links are in the upper right hand corner in the menu bar. However, as an added incentive to get to know me, starting today, anyone can get a PDF version of the comic for offline viewing just by following us on Twitter or giving us a share or like on Facebook. Hopefully this will get some of you to let me get to know you online. Hope I hear from you soon, and keep reading!